Where does one find a workplace that combines the professional depth of a scientific research organization, the dynamics of communication company and the impact of great management consulting? And at the same time cares profoundly about its people as well as serving a higher purpose in society?

Having served at the Copenhagen Business School for 13 years and then headed the private think tank Strategic Forum for two years Kim Møller had seen elements of such a workplace before but never found the workplace that united all his visions and ambitions. In 1995 then, Kim decided to create such a workplace of his own: combining the best he had seen so far in both academic research,  journalism/communication and management consulting.


The company started off as the Nordic representation of Oxford Analytica. Legally it was founded as a personally owned company but quickly it grew big and in 1997 Kim decided to change the legal status to a Ltd. At the same time Oxford Analytica and Kim decided to terminate their representation agreement and the new company were therefore renamed Oxford Research Ltd.


During the late 90's revenues kept growing and Oxford Research specialized in analysis and evaluations in the field of industrial and regional development. Later studies in labor market and wellfare issues were added. Clients were primarily public sector clients and the late 90's also illustrated the vulnerability of being a specialized niche company on a relatively small market.


Accordingly the Board of Oxford Research decided to expand both in terms of services for new market segments and in terms of new geographical markets. In 2001 the group structure was created, in 2003 Oxford Research AB was founded in Sweden and in 2004 Oxford Research AS was founded in Norway. The same year also Oxford Leadership Academy A/S (OLA) and the Great Place to Work® Institute (GPW) was founded.


OR is still focused on serving decisionmakers in the public sector, while GPW is focused on developing workplaces and OLA is focused on developing leaders in both public and private sector.