Mapping of the three initiatives “Etableringsprogrammet”, “Snappspår” and “Etableringsjobb”

Immigrants’ paths to education and employment in Sweden is a mapping of three initiatives which seek to improve the services provided for immigrants to help them integrate to the labour market. This research was conducted in Sweden as part of the Immigrant’s paths to education and employment (MAKO) -project and the results are published as a separate report. The results are also discussed in the final report of the main project that is published as part of the Finnish Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities.

These Swedish examples are related to the main project’s research questions on:

  1. Bottlenecks in the education and employment paths;
  2. Cooperation between different actors in the processes;
  3. Incorporation of integration services and other activities in employment services; and
  4. The development of service systems.

The report examines Etableringsprogrammet, or “establishment programme”, Snabbspår, or “the fast track” and an ongoing reform called Etableringsjobb, where the aim is to boost the hiring of immigrants with direct wage subsidies from the government. In these initiatives, the Swedish Employment Services, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, municipalities, social partners and employers are working together in different roles. The initiatives have been recognized as successful, but also criticized of insufficient information services and organisation of language education.

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